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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of analyzing behavior to help determine the function and allow for appropriate replacement behaviors. ABA uses positive reinforcement to increase these replacement behaviors by adding a preferred item, praise or other reward directly following the occurrence of the replacement behavior. The behavior analyst takes a look at the antecedent, behavior, and consequence to determine why a behavior is happening and how to change it. An ABA program consist of a uniquely developed plan that can target areas such as: communication, social, self-help, play, and learning skills.
In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy provides the ideal setting for teaching children daily living and household skills, as it allows the applied behavior analyst to implement interventions in the setting where the behavior will take place. In other words, ABA therapies may be most effective when taught in a natural environment instead of a simulated one.

Center-Based Therapy

Center-based ABA provides your child with a structured environment in which he or she learns a variety of important skills. If your child will soon enter school, this approach can help him or her adjust to the routine of going to a set location to learn.

Parent Training

By participating in training, you can learn about strategies that can help your child improve communication skills, social skills and decrease challenging behavior. Since communication and social skills are two of the main characteristics of ASD, learning effective, research-supported strategies to develop these skills can be a great benefit for improving the quality of your child’s life.

Teacher Training

It can be a challenge for untrained teachers to help those with ASD. Teacher training helps teachers understand the best way for children with ASD to learn and we give them the ABA tools to assist them.

School Consulting

Our School Consulting services take various forms based on the unique needs of the school, student, or teacher. All of our services are highly individualized.

Our Center

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